If the melody note is tied over the barline, when should I play the next chord?

You should play the next chord wherever the next chord symbol is given, or at the beginning of each measure whether the melody note is tied and being held over the barline or not.

The reason behind that (and the thing to guide you moving forward) is that (at least at this very beginning stage) your left hand chord playing should probably stay in some consistent rhythm to give the tune a consistent pulse.

It's like your LH is not only giving us all the harmony (the chords), but is also acting like the drummer and giving us a sense of rhythm by plunking down the chords in some consistent pattern.

So following that, you would want to play the chord at the beginning of each measure, whether the right hand melody note is playing something, or is holding down some tied note over the barline as sometimes occurs ...

Hope that helps -)

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