I can't hear the videos at all or they are not loud enough.

Volume is not loud enough on my device:

Sorry for the volume issues you are having...

1.  Make sure that your volume switch is turned to maximum volume on your actual device first. 

2.  There is a volume control in the actual video player. It is the 5 little vertical bars, between the progress bar and the "HD" letters in the lower right-hand corner of the vid player. As you drag across them right or left it will raise or lower the volume of the vid player.

If you cannot see the progress bar, simply hover your cursor toward the bottom of the video screen, and it will show. Hope that helps!

3.  If that still does not make it loud enough for you, try earbuds or headphones.

No Sound on an ipad:

The sound issue you describe can occur if the side switch mute is activated.

Could you check to see if this the issue?

A help document regarding the side switch mute is below.


If the above does not resolve the issue, could you try following the steps described in the link below?



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